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Child Support Application Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can request child support services?

Anyone may request child support services by completing an "Application for Child Support Services" (JFS 07076) and submitting it to the local Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA).

How do I apply?

To apply for child support services, click on the Forms tab, select and complete the Child Support Services (IV-D) Application.

Do I need an attorney to have a case with the child support enforcement agency (CSEA)?

You can receive child support services without hiring a private attorney. If you are working with an attorney, note this on your paperwork and keep CSEA up-to-date on any actions you or your attorney file with the court. 

I would like to apply for child support services. Is there a way to protect my information from the other party?

If you are concerned that giving your information to the other party could lead to family violence, you need to report this to the child support enforcement agency (CSEA) and request that your case is marked with a "family violence indicator." The CSEA will tell you what type of documentation you need to provide (for example, a copy of a protection order or written statement from a social worker). When a case is marked with the family violence indicator, none of the child's or the adult's personal information, such as date of birth, social security number or address, is disclosed to the other adult party. The CSEA can still work the case and obtain child support, while protecting the case participants' personal information.