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Child Support Enforcement


Cash Medical Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to report to child support?

You are required to notify the CSEA of any changes in address, phone, employer, medical insurance coverage, and if a reason for termination exists.

How are payments applied to the support obligation each month? 

Credit for a payment is given on the date it posts to the case and not the date it is sent.

Payments are applied according to Ohio’s hierarchy:

  1. Current support obligation(s) due for that month: child, spousal, and/or cash medical support
  2. Monthly ordered arrears payment
  3. Monthly processing fee
  4. Additional arrears owed
  5. If no arrears are owed, payments disburse to the Obligee as a credit to be applied to subsequent monthly obligation(s).

I am a custodial parent and I use direct deposit. Once a support payment is received, how long will it take to appear in my account?

Ohio CSPC sends an electronic funds transfer to the U.S. Federal Reserve within two business days of processing your support payment. The Federal Reserve then electronically sends the funds to your bank. Your bank deposits the funds into your account and determines when the funds are available to you, according to the bank's policies and procedures.

What happens if I make payments directly to the obligee?

Direct payments are considered gifts per Ohio Revised Code section 3121.45 and the CSEA cannot credit the account for these.  You will need to seek legal assistance on the matter.  

What does it mean when the obligor is in "default"?

For child support purposes, "default" means an obligor did not pay support when it was due. If the obligor goes into default (more than one month's support is due and has not been paid), a "Notice to Obligor of Default and Potential Action" is sent, informing the obligor of the enforcement techniques that may be used to ensure compliance. This may include the addition of an ordered payment on arrears equal to 20% of the current support obligation.  Some enforcement techniques are only used once an obligor is in default.

If the CSEA has suspended my driver’s license what is the criteria for reinstatement?

You can

  • Pay the arrears in full, or
  • Report employment or a financial account that the CSEA can verify and that will accept a withholding order, or
    • NOTE:  If past reinstatements were done based on a verification of income source but little to no payments were received from the withholding order, a full month of payments via withholding will be required for reinstatement.
  • Provide sufficient evidence to the CSEA that you are unable to work due medical reasons, or
  • Pay the balance of the total monthly obligation due for the past 90 days.

NOTE:  If you have an active Geauga County child support warrant, the warrant must be cleared before reinstatement is granted.

Once the CSEA has reinstated your Ohio driver’s license you will need to make arrangements to pay the BMV’s reinstatement fee.  Please visit the and click on Documents and Fees, then on Fees, for additional reinstatement fee information.  

What if the obligor and oblige are in agreement about stopping the order?

Unless your case meets a termination reason, the CSEA cannot assist with this process.  You will need to seek legal assistance on the matter. 


What if the obligor and obligee are in agreement about waiving the arrears?

The CSEA cannot assist with this process.  You will need to seek legal assistance on the matter.

Where can I obtain a payment history of my child support case?

You can obtain a child support payment history through the Ohio Customer Service Web Portal at  

Where can I get copies of my court order/s?

To obtain a copy of your support order, contact the Clerk of the issuing Court: